Performance Art + Dance + Inspiration

When I create, I often need silence.

Sometimes, however, I need great music. I’m a huge fan of Bethel Music‘s recent sequel to Without Words titled Synesthesia. Not only do the tracks swell with instrumental energy, they also allow me to subtly enter worship as the melodies allude to meaningful song lyrics.

Recently I posted about “imagineering” and the idea of trying new things instead of getting stuck in a rut. The Synesthesia videos are a great example. They combine beauty, dance, performance art and outrageous originality. Bravo Bethel.

Website for Mission Omega

Dale and his teammates at Mission Omega are focused on mobilizing people to get involved in the Great Commission by praying, giving or even going to the mission field. They needed a website that gave them not only an inspiring online presence, but also a place to post blog updates and receive credit card donations.

One of my favorite sections of this one-page parallax site is “Our Purpose” which utilizes simple icons to cast their four-fold vision.

Bottom portion of one-page parallax website


I recently heard a message at AuSSM by Kris Vallotton in which he made this stunningly simple observation:

Solutions to the world’s problems are only a thought away.

It’s true. Someone just needs to dream big enough! The same goes for design problems and objectives. Many companies and organizations find themselves stuck in a rut because they feel uncomfortable trying something new. What if it fails? I understand the feeling. There are no guarantees. Unfortunately, that very fear of failure is what keeps us from the experimentation and discovery that provide new solutions. In the very least, they help keep life interesting!

I’m all for keeping life interesting.

Design problems may not be on the same scale as world hunger, HIV or human trafficking—although they are undoubtedly necessary for shedding light on those issues—but oftentimes creativity is the missing ingredient needed to help organizations succeed.