The 5 Gears

As a small business owner, I’m constantly aware of the importance of balancing life and work. It is not always easy to succeed in this area, especially if you work from home and never actually leave the office.

I just finished watching a short video series by Jeremie Kubicek and Steve Cockram from GiANT Worldwide. The topic was based on their book, The 5 Gears: How to Be Present and Productive When There’s Never Enough Time. The “never enough time” part resonated deeply so I knew I wanted to glean what I could from them. In the first video, Jeremy explained the concept of the five gears as different types of modes we switch between all the time during day-to-day life, such as social or task modes. His emphasis was:

We need to be in the right mode at the right time!

How do we achieve this balance? In the second video, he outlined three tools that can help:

  1. Know yourself, lead yourself
  2. Support/Challenge Matrix
  3. Five circles of influence

He touched on each very briefly. I’m sure more is found in the book, but I’m grateful for the understanding I received even from the short video series.

As a bonus, here’s a great tweet from Jeremy: